TIME ZONE: Budapest is in the Central European time zone (CET).

THE WEATHER: November is one of the coldest months of the year in Budapest, Hungary. During this month, expect cold weather conditions and a frosty biting wind and rain. Snowfall is frequent but not that heavy. The days are shortest and the nights are longest at this time. The average daily temperature in November is no more than 5°C.

Weather - check it out!

CURRENCY: The Hungarian currency is Hungarian Forints.
Exchanging foreign currency into Forints is possible in banks, official currency exchange offices and travel agencies. If you would like to exchange money, you can do it at railway stations or in bigger hubs. The official rates are about 320-330 Hungarian Forints (HUF) for 1 EUR.

We advise you to exchange money at official exchange places (also at railway stations).

ELECTRICITY: Hungary has the 220 Volt 2 pin electricity plus (like in mainland Europe) - bring adaptors if needed (and your chargers for mobile phones, cameras etc.


If you arrive early on the 27th November to Budapest and you are looking for something special to discover the city, do not need to search any longer. We are providing you with an exciting challenge and an early-bird opportunity to already start discovering the Hungarian social enterprises.

At 5:00 pm on 27th November 2018...

we are inviting you to join the programme of Vitamin Commando offered by Budapest Bike Maffia, a well known social enterprise in Hungary.

Vitamin Commando is a community creator actions: participants can get involved to make sandwiches packed with meat and vegetables and bring them to the homeless people living on the street of Budapest. Vitamin Commando is not a usual food distribution since the members of the team search for the homeless people themselves. The method is simple: we get on the bike and pedal around the town until the donations prepared/packed for that day run out.

Prepare a nice dinner and make the homeless people in Budapest happy by joining us for this challenge. If you are ready to be a member of the Vitamin Commando, send an email in advance to Andrea Kiss at latest by the 20th November.


Do not miss out the Welcome evening as we are waiting for you with an unforgettable experience! During the welcome evening just after dinner from 8 pm the Drum experience team will prepare an activity for us, where we create musical instruments using recycled material and learn to perform music together.  


During the TCP Forum in Hungary - with the help of a social enterprise, ReCreativity - we will have opportunities to renew old clothes in different recycled ways. So thus if you would like to take part in this action and give new life to your boring items, bring some T-shirts or skirts with you to Budapest.