Never Give Up Cafe & Bar

Dinner at a social enterprise

Never Give Up Foundation was established in 2005, with the aim to encourage people to be active and feel themselves valuable members of the society. Their aim is to create values together with disadvantaged (and also not disadvantaged people) of the society.

The common and substantive work is very important for them, because it helps to not let fade the significant importance of the equal partner relation.

This is the first Café in Budapest founded by people with disabilities. There are people with all kind of disabilities in the team (like blind, deaf, autistic, mentally disabled, and handicapped workers). They work in the kitchen, they serve and even they are working on PR and management.

Nem Adom Fel Cafe & Bar is not only a Café, but also a common place where disabled and not disabled people can meet, get to know each other, enjoy programs, etc.

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29th November - 17:00

Dinner at a social enterprise 5.