Inspirational Talk
28th November - 11:00

Alejandro Crawford, CEO of RebelBase

Alejandro Crawford builds tools, strategies and capacity to transform industries and communities. As CEO of RebelBase, he leads a global team deploying a new operating system for innovation, entrepreneurship, and investment. Through gamified challenges and interactive hubs at companies, colleges and communities, RebelBase expands access to entrepreneurship and social enterprise, powers community-driven innovation (CDI), and releases groundbreaking solutions. As Managing Director of Acceleration Group, Alejandro helps executives and community leaders catalyze bottom-up innovation and harness "acceleration moments." As professor of entrepreneurship for the Bard MBA in Sustainability, he equips a generation of changemakers to launch and scale new solutions. Alejandro writes and speaks regularly on retooling for sustainability and rebuilding inclusive economies to launch a different world. He earned his BA in History from Cornell University and his MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.

Alejandro Crawford

Keynote Speaker